South Africa hosts some of the largest, by number of entrants, sporting events in the world with three being the largest of their type.

The Cape Town Cycle Tour, with as many as 35 000 cyclists taking part, is the world's largest individually timed cycle race. The Cycle Tour Package includes bike rental and basic accessories.

Packages include rental for 3 – 14 days and the following accessories:
+ Helmet
+ Saddle bag
+ Pump
+ Spare Tube
+ Multi-Tool
+ Bottle Holders
+ Pedals of choice (see below)
+ Tyre levers

R 4000.00 excluding delivery.

Upfront payment is required to secure booking/package benefits.

Pedals of choice. - Riders are welcome to bring their own pedals as well.
Shimano SPD – SL (Road)
Look Keo (Road)
Shimano PDM (MTB)
Flat bed – Non Clip In